International health insurance from Cigna Global.

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Cigna have been providing global health insurance for many years and have approximately 86 million customer relationships in over 200 countries. The Cigna workforce of 37,000 look after the wellbeing of their clients and they have a medical network of over 1 million partnerships.

Cigna offer their clients a high standard of healthcare no matter where they are in the world.

What is a Cigna expatriate health insurance policy?

When you and your family make the decision to move or work abroad, expatriate health insurance from Cigna ensures that you have access to the best healthcare possible whatever your country of residence.

Their cover is flexible and you can start with the core policy option which gives cover for essential hospital stay and treatment including surgeon, consultation and hospital accommodation fees. In addition, their Gold and Platinum core policies offer levels of cover for routine maternity.

You can then tailor your policy with a range of optional benefits.  International Outpatient provides you with more extensive outpatient cover including doctor’s visits and prescriptions. In addition you can add medical evacuation, health and wellbeing and vision and dental benefits to your policy.

Does the Cigna expat health insurance cover you in your home country?

As many people who chose to live abroad also want to visit their friends and loved ones at home from time to time, Cigna Global will provide them with cover in their country of nationality for up to 90 days per year.

What is International medical evacuation?

If you want to ensure that you have cover for transportation costs in the event that emergency medical treatment is not available in your location. Having medical evacuation covered will provide you with the peace of mind that you can be moved to the appropriate medical facility. This cover includes repatriation costs which means you can return to your country of habitual residence or nationality.

It would also include compassionate visits for a parent, spouse, partner, sibling or child to visit a beneficiary following an accident or sudden illness.

There are different levels of cover available from Cigna Global.

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If you would like to know more about international private medical insurance from Cigna you can contact them directly or you can speak to a specialist health insurance broker who can provide you with advice on all of the options available in the international private medical insurance market. You can find the details of such specialists in the Medigest Business Directory


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