International Medical insurance especially for Marine Captains and Crew Members


There are a number of international private medical insurance policies available however, when you are looking for specialist occupations such as professional marine captains and their crew members then you need to be sure that the cover you are looking at will be suitable for your needs.

*CrewSelect International from IMG

When you choose the CrewSelect International policy, you have the choice of two plan options; Standard and Elite. Both plans offer a full range of benefits that are available to individuals and groups, give the members cover 24 hours a day and the freedom to choose any hospital, doctor or clinic within your chosen area of cover.

The Standard sub-plan option would fit the needs of the crew members who require a full range of benefits. This plan provides the members with extensive benefits with first rate international medical coverage as well as help in reducing any out-of-pocket expenses.

The Elite sub-plan option provides higher limits and more enhanced benefits and includes dental care, routine pregnancy and birth and optical benefits.

Members of the CrewSelect plan have access to over 17,000 providers outside of the USA using the International Provider Access and for those seeking treatment in the USA, they can reduce their out-of-pocket costs by using providers via the independent Preferred Providers Organisation.

Optional Add-on benefits for the CrewSelect policy:

If you are taking out a CrewSelect policy you also have the option to add the following benefits:

Global Personal Accident Plan; this will provide a lump sum following the accidental death or serious accident happening to an insured member

Global Daily Indemnity – Hospital Income Plan; this is a way to offset unforeseen financial liabilities due to an illness or accident. This policy is a great way to obtain financial cover while you are in hospital and unable to work.

*The above information has been sourced from and for full details and the applicable terms and conditions this website offers a wealth of further information.

The Medigest Business Directory can be found at and could help you find a specialist private medical insurance broker who can help you with your international health insurance requirements in your area.


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