Life cover is available for people with Type 2 diabetes or a high BMI


*The Exeter has entered the life insurance market with a policy for people with type 2 diabetes or a high body mass index (BMI).

The policy, called Managed Life, offers reduced premiums for policyholders who positively manage their conditions by lowering their HbA1c level (for type 2 diabetics) or weight (for high BMI).

Andy Chapman, chief executive of The Exeter [pictured] said: “Managed Life is a bespoke life insurance plan for an underserved sector. For too long, insurers have focused on healthy lives and ignored the increasing number of people who suffer from long term health conditions.”

The Exeter said that the policy can provide savings of up to 35% of the initial premium.

Evidence of the customer’s HbA1c reading or weight is collected annually at policy anniversary.

Premium reductions are applied for policyholders who achieve their target.

Equally, if their condition has worsened, premiums could be increased, again by an amount confirmed at application.

Chapman added: “We live in an age where products and services are increasingly dynamic and responsive to us as individuals, yet life insurance has remained static. Managed Life is about to break this mould.”

*originally published by Cover Magazine 24th April 2017, for the full article: bmi?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=CV.Daily_RL.EU.A.U&utm_source=CV.DCM.Editors_Updates

**The Exeter are an award winning provider of health insurance, cash plans and protection policies and their plans are simple and straightforward making their benefits and cover options clear and easy for their members to understand.

The Exeter in its current form was founded in 2008 when Exeter Friendly Society and Pioneer Friendly Society became one. Both of these organisations have a long history in the health insurance and protection market which can be linked back as far as 1888.

As a Mutual company, The Exeter are owned by their members and with a single head office in the UK, they are proud of their simple organisation structure.

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