Life Insurance from Vitality

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Vitality life insurance is a 5-star Defaqto rated product and is reported to cover four times as many conditions including all heart attacks, all strokes and more cancers than the typical insurance provider. In 2016 Vitality Life paid 99% of all life cover claims and if you choose their Serious Illness cover add-on you are 3 times more likely to obtain a pay out at the time you need it most.




What is your life insurance premium based on?

Vitality Life will provide you with a quotation based on a number of things which include:

  • Your age
  • Your weight
  • Your height
  • Your occupation
  • Your health
  • Your smoking status

Is there a minimum cover level for Vitality Life Insurance?

If you are looking for a policy that has a low cost and cover value, VitalityLife can provide a minimum premium of £8 and a minimum cover amount of £10,000. You must remember however that the level of cover you’ll get for £8 a month will depend on your age, height and weight, whether or not you smoke, general health and your medical history. The premium will be higher if you take advantage of our extended rewards and discounts.

Are the Vitality Life policies flexible if I need to make changes in the future?

If your circumstances change you are able to increase your cover, buy additional policies or add indexation to your plan. Indexation protects you against rises in the cost of living which ensures that you can always keep the level of cover that you need without having to go back through the application process.

What is the Serious Illness Cover add-on offered by Vitality Life?

Vitality Life do not offer Critical illness cover, instead they offer Serious Illness Cover which covers you for the less severe conditions as well as the more critical ones. If you get ill and need to claim, they will give you a percentage of your cover depending on how severe your condition is. Currently Vitality Life cover 174 medical conditions under their Serious Illness plan.

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