How long would your savings last?

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Perhaps this is a question many of us avoid asking ourselves as we simply would not like the answer. If you could not work due to injury or illness, how long could you continue to pay your rent or mortgage and cover the household bills? A week, a month, a year? If you then think about everything that you enjoy on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, how would you feel if you had to survive without life’s little luxuries, perhaps a scenario we would rather not even think about.

The simple fact is we that we can protect ourselves to a certain degree for situations exactly like this; there are a myriad of protection policies available in the UK market designed to give you peace of mind for when the worst situations arise.

Financial advice is not purely for the wealthy and if you speak to the right people they can make sure that you have all the protection you need. Cover options are not always horrendously expensive and most are available at a monthly premium less than we would spend on a good night out.

Protection policies you could consider:

Depending on your own specific circumstances and the level of protection you need, by implementing any one or combination of the above policies could actually make the difference as to whether you sink or swim when faced with being unable to work through no fault of your own.

To ensure that you receive the best advice ensure that you speak to an expert/ professional who is authorised and regulated by the FCA.

Our business directory holds the details of many Insurance companies, brokers and financial advisers who can let you know the best options available for your own budget and you can access the directory by clicking on the link below:

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