Moratorium Underwriting, what does it mean for you?


When you take out a private medical insurance policy there is normally a choice of underwriting methods and the choice you make could be very important.

Many people have never heard of the term moratorium and it can be broken down in simple terms as below:

When you purchase your private medical insurance you are not asked for details of your medical history. There is a simple ruling that the insurer will follow which is that they will not cover treatment for any medical condition specific time period (usually 5 years) prior to taking your policy that you have;

  • Had treatment for
  • Taken medication for
  • Sought advice for
  • Had symptoms of

Essentially the condition is underwritten at the point of claim and this is why no medical history is taken when you purchase the policy.

Medical conditions that fall within the criteria above may become eligible for cover but only when you have not had symptoms of, treatment for, medication to treat or any tests or advice from your GP, specialist or other healthcare professional for that condition or a related condition for a continuous period which is typically two years from the inception of your cover.

Each insurer may have a slightly different moratorium term and it is worthwhile checking the terms of the moratorium prior to purchase.

Chronic Conditions and General exclusions

Although there will be no specific exclusions shown on your certificate of insurance the rules for chronic conditions and general exclusions will still apply to policies that have moratorium underwriting.

GP reports

If you choose to take moratorium underwriting for your policy and need to make a claim on the policy the insurance company may ask you to provide a GP report to clarify that your condition did not occur within the moratorium period. If your GP charges you a fee for the report it is unlikely you will be able to claim this back from your insurance policy unless you have an add-on to your cover which covers this type of charge.

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A specialist health insurance broker can help you understand which underwriting type is appropriate to your own situation and the Medigest Business Directory can help you find a broker local to you.