NHS looking at spare room rental for recuperation

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Listening to the lunchtime show on BBC Radio 2 today, the debate around the suitability of the proposal of patients recovering from surgery being placed in spare rooms of private houses seemed almost too strange to believe yet its objective to free the hospital beds for those with acute conditions needing hospital treatment seems a genuine one.

Within the Radio show the different sides were represented, the patient with concerns over microwave meals and lack of care, the medical professionals who know that when people are kept in hospital purely because they have no-one at home to provide care or company is a real waste of much needed hospital resources and those who provide the “spare room” and are more than happy to offer support to people recovering after surgery. There really was such a diverse range of views on the principal that I am not sure anyone ended up any less convinced that they had the right opinion.

It was great coverage and presented well by Vanessa standing in for Jeremy Vine and certainly worth listening to. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0998yss

The article in The Guardian by Amelia Hill covers the same issue and really looks at bigger picture. Hill confirms

“The scheme, which is being piloted in Essex, aims to tackle bed shortages and save money but has been criticised by medical professionals and social workers who warn it would give too much responsibility to untrained members of the public.

A start-up, CareRooms, is working with the NHS and councils in Southend and elsewhere in Essex to pilot the model and finalise how it will work. It says patients would benefit from “a safe, comfortable place to recuperate from hospital” as well as helping the NHS.

Hosts would be asked to welcome patients recovering minor procedures, cook three microwave meals a day and offer conversation, according to CareRooms, in a scheme targeting people who do not have a family able to care for them.”

For the full article please visit https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/oct/25/nhs-to-pilot-airbnb-type-scheme-for-patients-recovering-from-surgery



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