The Nightingale Hospital in London, a dedicated Mental Health Hospital

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The Nightingale hospital in London has been owned by Group Sinoué since 2014 and becomes part of the group who own eight private hospitals in France. These hospitals offer the full spectrum of psychiatric care. Previously owned by Capio Group and known by the name of the Capio Nightingale Hospital and prior to that it first became a Mental Health provider in 1987 when it was known as the BUPA Nightingale.

In fact there has been a hospital at the central London location since 1902.

As one of the UK’s leading private hospitals dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental and emotional problems, eating disorders and addictions for adults and young people, Nightingale Hospital has a 24 hour a day contact number where their team can help you to find the service you need, arrange for an assessment or be there if you purely want to speak to someone and ask advice.

The hospital has a team of consultant psychiatrists, doctors, therapists and nurses who treat every patient as an individual offering evidence-based specialist treatments and therapies through outpatient, day patient and inpatient programmes depending on the specific need and severity of your condition.

Proud to have some of the UK’s leading consultant psychiatrists who provide a wealth of clinical expertise and experience.

Accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy BACP) for its counselling and psychotherapy services this means that all patients and referrers can be sure that the therapy services and treatment at the Nightingale Hospital meet the highest levels of clinical governance, delivery and clinical outcomes.

The services at the Nightingale Hospital are confidential and staff will not disclose or reveal any personal information about clients to anyone outside of the service without your consent. However, this is subject to conditions and these are explained fully on the hospitals website.

If you, a friend or family member need the services of a private mental health facility such as the Nightingale Hospital, you can find the contact details of private hospitals in the Medigest Business Directory

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