Optician spots deterioration in patient’s diabetes.

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Although it is recommended for most people to have an eye test every two years, it is evident that not everyone in the UK follows these guidelines as they may not feel they have a problem with their eyesight.

Opticians however are also able to identify other health issues when performing an eye examination such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke and eye tumours. Having your eyes checked regularly by a qualified optician could therefore be of more benefit than many people think.

As you can read from this extract from an article in The Burton Mail, this patient’s eye test revealed that a GP appointment was essential.

“A diabetic man whose condition led to a serious sight issue is urging others to visit their opticians regularly after an eye test revealed the cause of his problems. Paul Sharpe was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes by his GP in May 2016 and when he noticed changes in his vision towards the end of the year, he contacted his Specsavers store, in Ashby.

He said: “I had made an appointment at Specsavers but I started to notice that my vision was blurred when I was watching television. I asked for an earlier appointment and was seen by the store director, Leon Wilson. He spotted straight away that something wasn’t quite right.”

Mr Sharpe was referred straight to his GP, where blood test results revealed his diabetes had worsened. Dramatic changes in his blood sugar levels were the cause of his sight problems.

Mr Wilson, Specsavers store director, said: “Diabetes can affect the eyes in a number of ways and if undetected, can lead to other conditions such as diabetic retinopathy or cataracts.

“When I examined Paul, there was a big change in his prescription and, knowing about his condition, I immediately referred him to his GP for a check-up. Diabetics are at a much higher risk of developing retinal problems, so I’m glad that Paul recognised the early signs and came to us for help.”

The full original Article can be found at  http://www.burtonmail.co.uk/man-sent-to-gp-after-eye-test-at-specsavers-picked-up-his-diabetes-condition-had-worsened/story-30307408-detail/story.html#SyIiQyKP3UjfziFd.99