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When it comes to finding the right care home for yourself or your loved ones, whether on a long-term residential basis or a short term convalescent and post-operative care basis, the Balhousie Care Group in Scotland may certainly be able to offer you the flexibility and dedicated care that you would expect when you really need it most.

A community focus

The care homes of Balhousie Care Group place a great importance in the involvement of their local community as many of the residents have lived locally to the care homes. Balhousie Care know the importance of retaining those links in helping their residents to truly feel at home within their care homes.

The visits from the local community into the homes themselves is regarding as an important element for their residents. Whether they are local school children, church congregations, retailers or entertainers, Balhousie Care really value this contribution to the everyday life of their residents.

The History of Balhousie Care Group

The first care home bought by Tony Banks who is the founder and chairman of the Balhousie Care Group was the Lisden Care Home which was purchased in 1991 with the first residents arriving in April 1992. Now in 2017 the group are proud to keep with the same principles of care but now with in excess of 20 care homes in Scotland. By delivering care and kindness to the people within their business, they provide a quality of life for residents.

The Balhousie Care Group Philosophy is:

“Our philosophy of respect, dignity, choice and excellence in care is present in all of our Balhousie Care homes and ensures Tony’s initial vision is upheld.”

In recent news from the group, Balhousie Wheatlands in Bonnybridge made history by becoming the first care home in its region, and in the Balhousie Care Group portfolio, to gain a top rating by the Care Inspectorate which is certainly an achievement to be proud of.

The above information has been sourced from http://www.balhousiecare.co.uk/ and the website has a wealth of information as to how the Balhousie Care Group can provide you or your loved ones with the care solutions that you need in Scotland.

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