Pay4Sure, a great Sick Pay Insurance solution


If you are looking for a sick pay insurance scheme for your employees to protect them if they were ill or injured for a long period of time, then Pay4Sure from BHSF could offer you a competitively priced option.

BHSF Employee Benefits Limited are based in Birmingham and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. They are a market-leading not-for-profit health insurer who can trace its history back to a charity which started in 1873, called The Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund which was set up to help fund Birmingham hospitals.

BHSF now insures 375,000 people via 225,000 policies.

What is the Pay4Sure sick pay insurance?

This policy will provide a substitute income for employees between the age of 18 and 67 who are unable to work due to a long term illness or injury. Payments for the plan are made via the business payroll and there are 3 levels of cover to choose from.

To be eligible for the plan the employee must permanently reside in England, Scotland or Wales and must actively work for the business for a minimum of 16 hours per week.

Is there a waiting/ deferment period?

The chosen benefit will not be paid for the first 30 days of sickness absence. The employee must be off work for 30 consecutive calendar days in order to claim. The absence must be due to sickness or injury.

Does this sick pay insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Pay4Sure policies do not cover pre-existing health conditions. This exclusion does not apply when the employee remains symptom free and requires no treatment or medical advice for a continuous 24 month period from the start date of cover.

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If you are looking for an employee benefit such as sick pay insurance cover, then the Medigest Business Directory may be able to help you find a specialist health insurance broker or financial adviser who can help you find a policy that best suits your needs. Alternatively you can contact the insurance providers directly. Please visit where you can find the specialist provider you need.

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