Why do people go for bereavement counselling


Bereavement is a time that we spend adjusting to the loss of someone who is important to us and some people find this process immensely difficult to cope with. It can affect your complete thought processes, your beliefs, your personality and sometimes even your sense of reality. There is no “standard” time period or limit of how long it will take to adjust and people learn to cope with bereavement in their own way.

Bereavement counselling can provide support at this time and talking about the loss can allow a person to cope with the changes in their life. Loss of someone close to you has to be acknowledged in order for you to move forward and bereavement counselling can help you to find a place for the loss of your loved one, carry on with life and eventually find a way to accept it.

Greif can appear in may different and unexpected ways. Some people will be angry, some withdrawn and some just become totally numb. Grief can develop into a serious condition like depression.

What is bereavement counselling?

Bereavement counselling aims to get you to a stage where you can function normally regardless as to how long this process takes. It is a counselling form dedicated to assisting people to cope more effectively with the death of someone they love. Although you will probably never stop missing the person you have lost, with time and the right support levels you may be able to begin a new life and reclaim a sense of purpose.

  • Specifically, bereavement counselling can help you to:
  • Gain an understanding of the process known as mourning.
  • Explore areas that could possibly stop you from being able to move forward.
  • Resolve areas of conflict that still remain
  • Adjust to a new sense of self
  • Address any issues of depression or suicidal thoughts.

The above information  has been sourced from http://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/bereavement.html

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