The Personal Health Fund (PHF) for everyday healthcare costs.


When you have invested in a private medical insurance policy for your employees, not only can you opt to have core cover in place there are usually a number of additional benefits that you can choose from as a way of enhancing the cover in place. One of the add-ons offered by Vitality Health is the Personal Health Fund (PHF).

As the Vitality Health private medical insurance rewards people for living a healthy lifestyle the PHF is linked to the Vitality status of your employees. Everyone starts of at the bronze level and as they improve their vitality status, the available funds within their PHF will increase. If a member does not use any of the personal health fund in one policy year, providing the company renews their policy with Vitality, the funds will roll over to the following year.

A maximum personal health fund of £1000 per adult member applies.

What types of things can you use the personal health fund (PHF) for:

  • Optical Treatment
  • Dentistry Claims
  • Health Screens (up to 50% back)
  • Chronic Prescriptions
  • Private GP Appointments
  • Medical Aids and devices (up to 50% back)
  • Up to £100 towards a fitness device

The starting point for a personal health fund from Vitality Health is currently £75 for an employee who is at the bronze level of cover.

The cost of adding the PHF to your private medical insurance policy is minimal and your employees are then able to access a tangible benefit which will help them in funding the cost of their everyday healthcare.

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