The Personal Health plan from AXA PPP Healthcare


When you are looking for individual private medical insurance for yourself and your family there are a myriad of options available in the UK health insurance market and AXA PPP Healthcare are just one of the insurance providers you may have heard of.

What the AXA Personal Health plan can offer:

One of the greatest features of the Personal Health plan is the flexibility that it offered to the consumer. Everyone starts off with the Core cover and then has the options as shown below:

  • Out-patients cover level
  • Therapies
  • Mental Health
  • Dental and Optical cover
  • Extended Cover
  • European or Worldwide travel cover
  • NHS 6 week option for cost containment
  • Discount for annual payment
  • NHS Cancer support option

As one of the UK’s leading health insurance providers AXA PPP Healthcare are aware that private medical insurance needs to be flexible to enable a policy to be tailored to suit the needs and budget of everyone and the Personal Health plan reflects this objective.

What else does the plan offer?

Fast track appointment service

Your GP provides you with an open referral and the AXA claims team will arrange your specialist appointment for you.

The AXA Heart and Cancer commitment

This includes access for members to dedicated heart and cancer nurses to help and support you following a heart or cancer diagnosis.

Working Body

For conditions affecting muscles, bones and joints you can arrange to speak to a physiotherapist via AXA PPP Healthcare without the need for a GP referral.


If you have chosen the Extended Cover option you will have access to 5 consultations a year to speak to a qualified GP via video or phone. You can also use this service on a pay as you go service or via annual subscription.

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