Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance
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Accident Insurance is a low cost insurance policy that covers you in the unfortunate event of an accident, when looking at taking a policy of this type you should be aware that there may be age restrictions applicable. The premiums paid for Accident Insurance are very reasonable and the pay-out you would receive in the event of an accident could make a massive difference.

What is an Accident defined as?

An accident is a single, unforeseen, unexpected and unintentional incident that is not a symptom of a disease or illness.

What does Accident Insurance cover?

As a general rule, Accident Insurance will cover you in the event of catastrophic injuries, permanent disabilities, third degree burns, accidental death and fractures. The premium paid to you or your family in the event of such an accident will vary depending on the severity of the accident and its consequences.

Who can take out Accident Insurance?

Anyone can apply to have Accident Insurance cover however there is normally a maximum age limit of acceptance. You must live in the UK as your main residence and as the Insurance policy does not cover you for illness, disease or any gradual loss of function, there is no medical required prior to taking out your policy.

General Exclusions of cover

As with all insurance policies there are general exclusions relating to Accident Insurance and these may include some or all of the following. Please check your policy wording for all general exclusions applied to your policy as the list below is not exhaustive:

Accidents that are caused by or occur when:

Reckless and deliberate exposure to danger, deliberate self-inflicted injury or suicide, driving with more alcohol in the blood than is allowed by law, driving a vehicle without a valid licence, hazardous activities such as diving, rock climbing, pot-holing or any sport as a professional, committing or attempting to commit a criminal offence, being under the influence of alcohol, whist a detainee in a prison establishment.

Premiums for Accident Insurance

The premiums paid for Accident Insurance are low and are general paid by an monthly Direct Debit in advance. You would receive confirmation of your monthly premiums by your insurer confirming what day of the month the premium would be taken.


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