Employee Assistance Programmes

Employee Assistance Programmes
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An EAP is a policy available to companies and once in place, provides their staff with the essential support, advice and information to help them overcome issues which may affect their work performance, health and well-being.

An EAP could be regarded as a personal support programme and will offer employees access to many resources to help them combat stress and anxiety related to both work and home life problems. If your employees are suffering with stress whether work or home life related it will more than likely affect their ability to perform their job at their normal level which in turn may result in the manifestation of further stress related complications.

What does an EAP cover for employees?

An Employee Assistance Programme will offer a variety of benefits and depending on the provider you choose, could include some or all of the following:

Telephone support and counselling (from qualified and experienced therapists), limited face to face counselling, serious accident and illness support, legal & financial advice, bereavement, redundancy or relationship support, access to information relating to family or housing and access to online support and videos giving guidance and assistance through many problems your employees may be experiencing.

The counselling services provided are done so on a strictly confidential basis and in some cases the telephone support is also available to the immediate family of the employee.

Why should a business provide an EAP for their employees?

Psychological issues are one of the UK’s top reasons for employee absence and therefore by having access to an EAP it can help to resolve any problems and get the employee back to work quickly. An EAP can help you reduce stress in the workplace, combat absenteeism, ensure that you are fulfilling your duty of care in a professional manner and help you to retain your staff, one of your businesses most valuable assets.

Add-ons to an EAP 

If you want to get more from your Employee Assistance Programme you could look at options which provide you and your staff that little bit extra. Extra cover such as Pre-employment medical screening or Day 1 Intervention for Stress Related Absence could really be of benefit with minimal additional costs involved.

Pre-employment Medical Screening

For every new recruit you can provide an online pre-commencement screen by an experienced Occupational Health staff member which in turn could minimise the risk for you as the employer at the time of appointment. The report generated from this screen is reviewed by a member of the clinical team, and a follow up telephone consultation is undertaken if clinically indicated, at no additional charge.

Day 1 Intervention for Stress Related Absence

Providing effective intervention on the very first day of a stress related absence which ensures a far higher degree of pro-activity and engagement with the employee. Pro-active intervention associated with this service positively influences an earlier return to work and supports the individual – whilst safeguarding the interests of the employer.



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