Hospital Treatment Insurance

Hospital Treatment Insurance
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There is a specific policy available to UK Business with 5 or more employees which covers its members for specific non-urgent surgical procedures. The cost of Hospital Treatment Insurance is not as high as Private Medical Insurance and could be combined with a Cash Plan to give a greater level of employee benefits.

Hospital Treatment Insurance will help your employees to avoid the long NHS waiting times and they can choose to have treatment in an NHS or Private Hospital facility. There are no pre-joining medical assessments and no excess applies to the policy.

Staff can be covered on different benefit levels, the premium is not age related so there is only one premium which applies to all members on risk. The policy is also not claims rated.

Are there different cover levels?

There are two levels of cover available for Hospital Treatment Insurance, Level 1 and Level 2 and there are four different underwriting options available. Depending upon the underwriting terms chosen pre-existing medical conditions and/or planned treatment may be excluded from cover and therefore this should be taken into consideration.

What is covered?

Hospital Treatment Insurance is there to cover non-urgent surgical procedures and below there are just a few examples of the type of the many conditions they can cover:

Slipped discs • Varicose veins • Hip replacement • Knee replacement • Abdominal hernias • Sinus problems• Gallstones • Carpal Tunnel release • Brain abscess • Thoracotomy • Appendectomy • Haemorrhoids.

The benefits are available for:

Non-urgent surgery, surgeon/physician fees, anaesthetist fees, patient accommodation and meals, drugs and dressings, inpatient tests as part of a surgical procedure and surgical complications within 30 days.

What is not covered?

Hospital Treatment Insurance on either level do not offer cover for chronic conditions and it does not cover surgical procedures for cancer, heart disease or emergency treatment, at which the NHS excels. Although cancer related surgical procedures are excluded, Hospital Treatment Insurance will cover surgical procedures when cancer is suspected but not confirmed, e.g. biopsies.

Are there any limits to the treatment available?

On either cover level, employees are limited to a maximum of three surgical procedures in any 12 month period and each cover level carries a maximum claim limit.

Combining Hospital Treatment Insurance with a Cash Plan

If you combine your Hospital Treatment Insurance with a Cash Plan your employees will also have access to dental, optical, chiropody, MRI, CT, PET scans, therapies and counselling so this may be a more comprehensive solution.



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