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When you are travelling abroad for leisure or business, an essential element of booking your trip has to be the purchase of a comprehensive Travel Insurance policy to give you peace of mind whilst out of your home country. Often available as a single trip, annual multi-trip or backpackers policy,  the cover you buy can be suited to the type of trip you are taking.

Although there will be cover included in your travel insurance for elements such as having to cancel your holiday and lost baggage, one of the most important factors is that it will cover emergency medical treatment abroad and the costs to repatriate you to your home country for further treatment if medically necessary.

Outside of the UK, the cost of medical treatment can vary dramatically and costs associated with medical treatment in countries such as the USA can run into thousands of pounds. Having a good Travel Insurance policy in place ensures that you do not have to self-fund whilst away from home.

Does Travel Insurance cover pre-existing medical conditions?

When purchasing your Travel Insurance it is imperative that any pre-existing conditions are declared whether you are buying your policy over the phone or online. However you purchase your policy, make sure you inform the insurance provider of any pre-existing conditions to ensure the validity of your policy when it comes to making a claim.

Some conditions would be covered free of charge however you may find that after declaring your medical history, the original premium quoted may increase in order to cover the risk involved.

For some medical conditions you may find that you need to contact a specialist provider, the cost may increase further however you will be sure that your cover is in place should you need to claim.

What happens if my medical conditions change?

If you have a Travel Insurance policy in place and have a change in medical conditions, you must advise your insurer immediately. They may agree to continue to cover you for an additional premium however, there are times when the new condition may result in the insurance provider being unable to offer you a Travel Insurance policy at all. Pre-booked trips may have to be cancelled and the costs claimed under the policy in place.

Personal Accident and Personal Liability

There will probably be an element of Personal Accident cover included within your Travel Insurance however, there are normally limitations for certain hazardous activities that are considered to be dangerous should you chose to take part in them whilst abroad. As an example, Motorcycling (over 125CC) could be excluded from the Personal Accident and Liability benefit section of your policy. If you know that this is something you are likely to take part in whilst on your holiday, if you ring your Travel Insurance provider, they may be able to cover this activity for you at an additional premium.

In summary, Travel Insurance is a vital part of any leisure and business trips abroad. Make sure you have the right cover in place and that you keep your insurer aware of your medical conditions.


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