The price we pay for Private Dental treatment in the UK

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In the UK even with an NHS Dentist the majority of people still have to contribute something when they visit the dentist for treatment.

The NHS is reported to spend around £2.25 billion on dental treatment in a year and the patients themselves only pay for £550 million of this cost. The NHS therefore still pays for the larger share of dental costs.

As an example, a band one dental charge in England and Wales which would cover things such as a check-up, examination, diagnosis, x-ray, scale and polish and when you need to see a dentist straight away is currently £20.60 whereas an average cost for a private dental check-up runs from about £45 and could increase further depending on where you live.

Private dental treatment does not have a set charge and therefore the cost of treatment with a private dentist will vary from practice to practice. It is advisable to establish the cost of treatment with your dentist before your treatment begins. Costs will depend on the time it takes to complete your treatment, they work being done and the type of materials the dentist will use.

Payment options:

There are options available to cover the cost of private dentistry when you need to have it for medical reasons and these include:

  • Self-funding
  • Dental Insurance
  • Dental Insurance as an add-on to Private Medical Insurance
  • Cash Plans
  • Loans and Credit Agreements

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Payment options for Cosmetic Dentistry:

Private Dental practices will often provide cosmetic dentistry options for their patients which would generally not be available via the NHS. Cosmetic treatment is not medically necessary and therefore often excluded from dental and private medical/health insurance policies. If you need to obtain finance for cosmetic dental treatment this would need to be self-funded or via a loan/credit agreement or specialist dental finance package.

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