The Priory Group Wellbeing Centre opens in Dubai


The Priory Group has opened a new mental healthcare clinic in Dubai’s prestigious Healthcare City (DHCC) offering its world renowned services in this new wellbeing centre located in Dubai, UAE.

The Clinic will be offering treatment for patients with mental health issues including stress and anxiety, depression (including post-natal depression) and those struggling with life issues such as relationship problems, work and bereavement). Although based in Dubai which is over 3000 miles from its UK base, The Priory Wellbeing Centre will be fully integrated with the Priory’s facilities in the UK.

The Clinic is now open and is accepting patients and providing treatment for a myriad of conditions including depression, stress, addiction and anxiety related conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorder and panic attacks to name a few.

There has been a huge investment in the new UAE clinic and it will be staffed by psychiatrists and counsellors and is led by Priory’s Middle East Medical Director, Dr Saaed Islam.

Facilities in the centre include 7 rooms available for one-to-one patient consultations, two rooms suitable for group therapy and it provides flexible consulting hours including the option of evening appointments.

Treatment at the Priory Wellbeing Centre is available for patients who either have private medical insurance in place or those who would prefer to self-fund both to the local and expat communities.

The Healthcare City in Dubai (DHCC) has close to 160 clinical partners which include hospitals, outpatient medical centres and diagnostic laboratories. Covering over 150 specialties and employing licensed professionals from nearly 90 countries.

The expert team at the Wellbeing Centre in Dubai will be able to offer bespoke treatments for a comprehensive list of conditions that are not exclusive to the Middle East, such as anxiety, executive ‘burnout’ and other issues sometimes exacerbated by an unhealthy use of social media.

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