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Aviva are one of the UK’s leading health insurance providers and Aviva UK Health have yet again been awarded the Health Insurance Awards “Best Customer Service” and “Best Group PMI provider” awards in 2017.

Aviva offer health insurance to a whole spectrum of clients including individuals and families, small groups (SME’s) and corporate schemes. The Solutions policy we are looking at would be specifically for company schemes with between 2 and 99 employees.

Aviva Solutions

The Aviva Solutions policy is a modular product and therefore will allow you to tailor your cover to suit your requirements. You can even have different levels of cover within one policy to enable you to match this with your employees grading. With the core element of the policy covering you fully for in-patient and day-patient treatment you then need to decide on what else you want to cover.

Options you can choose from:

  • Do you want full refund for out-patients cover or do you want to restrict the cover to a specific limit such as £1000?
  • Do you want to have cover for mental health or psychiatric treatments?
  • What hospital list do you want to use; do you want London Hospitals? Could you take advantage of the Signature hospital list available to those in Scotland and Northern Ireland?
  • Would you like an excess to be applied to your cover? The higher the excess you have, the more your monthly premium would reduce.
  • Would you like additional cover for Routine and GP referred services?
  • Do you want additional cover for dental and optical treatment?
  • Are you happy to be treated for in-patients and day-patients treatments on the NHS if available within 6 weeks? This could provide you with a generous saving.
  • Would you like to save money by removing cover for oral surgery, infertility and complications of pregnancy and limited overseas emergency treatment?

As you can see from the above, Aviva really do understand the need for flexibility when it comes to covering you and your staff.

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