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If you are responsible for your staff well-being and are part of a corporate organisation, have you considered the benefits of moving away from traditional private medical insurance and investing in a healthcare trust for your staff? Were you even aware this is an option available in the UK market?

There are a number of providers of Healthcare Trusts in the UK and ProAmica are just one of the options available to you.

A Corporate Healthcare Trust from ProAmica, gives you complete control over the cover provided and the way your money is invested and spent, but it can also deliver real cost savings when compared to a traditional Private Health Insurance Scheme which can easily rise by more than 10% a year to cover the costs of medical inflation, costs and profit.

You should also remember that Healthcare Trusts are not subject to Insurance Premium Tax which currently sits at 12% and therefore you could see a further saving in premium.

If you choose ProAmica as your Healthcare Trust provider you will benefit from having access to their knowledge of the Corporate Healthcare market and as an organisation you can enjoy the benefits of:

  • Fixed monthly administration fees per head so you only pay for the people who are members of the Trust in any given month.
  • Utilising the excellent prices they have negotiated using the buying power of their sister company, General & Medical Healthcare. In addition, they utilise the expertise of their Medical Advisory Panel, a team of professional Doctors, Surgeons and Anaesthetists.
  • Real-time on-line reporting so you know how your money is being used and exactly how much money is in the Trust – it’s your money so it’s important you know where it’s going at any given moment.
  • A named Trust Administrator – ProAmica will allocate a person not a number, to look after all your administration requirements.
  • Access to their 24 hour GP Helpline and Stress Counselling Helpline which are free of charge to all Trusts and their members.

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If you are looking for a corporate Healthcare Trust provider then the Medigest Business Directory can help you. You can access the contact details of a specialist private medical insurance broker who can give you an overview of the options available or you can contact the providers directly.




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