Have you been referred to a neurophysiologist for an EMG?


There are a number of reasons that your doctor or specialist may have referred you to a neurophysiologist for an EMG or nerve conduction studies and common reasons include trapped nerves and other nerve or muscle problems. A clinical neurophysiologist is a doctor who specialises in EMG tests.

The term EMG stands for electromyography.



What happens when you have EMG tests?

Commonly the EMG investigation will involve a combination of two things:

  • Mild electrical pulses to stimulate the different nerves to enable them to work out if they are working properly.
  • Fine needles put into your muscles to test their muscle function

Does the nerve conduction testing and EMG hurt?

  • Many people will find the nerve conduction tests a little uncomfortable as they are like little electric shocks but will be able to tolerate the sensation.
  • The needle tests may be uncomfortable but as they are very thin needles (similar to acupuncture tests) they are again considered to be tolerable by the majority of people.

It is advisable to advise your neurophysiologist if you find it too uncomfortable and they will try and minimise your discomfort at all times.

Are there any side effects?

There are no serious side effects from an EMG. The electrical tests can sometimes make hands or feet tingle for a few minutes after but soon pass. The needle tests may result in slight bleeding as in a pinprick. Your muscles may also ache for a few hours after the needle tests but this is usually very minor.

Are the results available immediately?

Your neurophysiologist will usually send a report to the doctor or consultant that referred you for the tests. It is not always possible to provide you with immediate results on the day of your tests as in some cases the doctor doing the EMG needs to study the results before coming to any conclusion. Your doctor or consultant may want to review the results before discussing your condition and treatment plan further.

The above information has been sourced from http://www.bscn.org.uk/

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