Relax and rejuvenate with Reiki treatment

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Reiki is a well-known holistic therapy and is a popular complementary therapy in the UK. The word Reiki is Japanese for “universal life energy” and is also a word that is used to describe a system of natural healing. This traditional therapy was founded in the early 20th century and has evolved over time.

There are many variations of Reiki which can assist the body both emotionally or spiritually.

Reiki for Relaxation

The fact that Reiki is relaxing can be great for many people especially at times of stress and hardship. When a person is feeling overwhelmed or isolated and disconnected, having Reiki as a natural therapy can help a person to find a feeling of peace and give them the ability to deal with life’s challenges.

Pregnant women can really find the relaxation that Reiki can offer very effective throughout their pregnancy.

How many sessions are required?

Depending on the issue or medical condition that you are looking for treatment for, the number of Reiki sessions required for treatment may vary. It can be advantageous to have Reiki for short term issues however people with long standing emotional or spiritual issues may need to have a session of treatments rather than one appointment to see a real benefit from Reiki treatment. Your qualified Reiki practitioner will discuss your own treatment path with you.

Reiki is not just a holistic therapy treatment for adults and can be used safely with both children and animals too. It is a non-intrusive treatment that does not need any special equipment.

The Cost of Reiki treatment

The cost of Reiki treatment in the United Kingdom will vary and is usually comparable in price with other holistic treatments such as aromatherapy, massage and reflexology.

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If you are looking for a Reiki therapist, the Holistic Therapies area within the Medigest business directory may help you find a qualified, professional therapist in your area.



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