Security breach fears for NHS Patients


The report in the Telegraph on 17th March by Laura Donnelly confirms major worries about a security breach relating to some 26 million patients in the UK.

It is stated that the IT system used by thousands of GP’s is not secure and therefor millions of patients medical records could be accessed by any number of strangers.

Within the report it confirms that doctors would not have been aware that by switching on the “enhanced data sharing” to enable records to be accessed by the local hospitals; this also meant that the records could be viewed by hundreds of thousands of workers across the country.

Receptionists, clerical staff, healthcare assistants and medics working in a number of medical environments such as pharmacies, hospitals, GP surgeries, care homes and prisons could look up sensitive information about individuals even when they have no medical reason to be doing so.

“Phil Booth, from privacy campaign group medConfidential said: “This is a truly devastating breach which involves millions of patients’ GP records – for some, the most deeply personal, sensitive and confidential data about them – being exposed to hundreds of thousands of people, with no mechanism to prevent them if any of them chooses to look.”

For full details we have provided you the link to the report in The Telegraph where it also confirms how you can find out whether your records have been part of the breach.

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