Serious Savings in Scotland and Northern Ireland

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For anyone looking for private medical insurance who lives in Scotland and Northern Ireland the Signature hospital list from AVIVA is available to both individual and company schemes and can provide substantial savings from other hospital list options.

AVIVA offer their members a flexible approach when it comes to health insurance and offer different hospital list options including:

Extended Cover ▪ Key ▪ Fair and Square ▪ Trust Care ▪ Signature

The AVIVA Signature Hospital List

This hospital list option is only available for clients who are based in either Scotland or Northern Ireland and in addition to the hospitals shown on the AVIVA Signature list; if you opt for the Signature option you are also covered to use NHS pay-beds that are recognised by AVIVA in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Hospitals included on the Signature list from AVIVA

The hospital lists provided by insurance companies are subject to change and the hospitals shown below are on the current AVIVA Signature list.


  • BMI The Albyn Hospital
  • BMI Carrick Glenn
  • BMI Fernbrae Hospital
  • Spire Murrayfield Hospital
  • Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital
  • BMI Ross Hall Hospital
  • BMI Kings Park

Northern Ireland

  • North West Independent Clinic
  • Kingsbridge Private Hospital
  • Ulster Independent Clinic

All information relating to the AVIVA hospital lists has been sourced from

It is advisable to always call your private medical insurance provider prior to having any treatment to ensure that the hospital/ facility and consultant are recognised and charge within the providers fee guidelines.

If you want to make sure that you are not paying more for your private medical insurance than you should be and if you want to know about the Signature option from AVIVA then the Medigest Business Directory can help you find a specialist health insurance broker who can explain the AVIVA options to you along with many other options for private medical insurance cover. For more information please visit: