Simple Life Insurance from Beagle Street

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Beagle Street are a dedicated life insurance specialist who offer a simple approach for their clients. Providing you with clear information enabling you to choose the cover you need even if you don’t really know anything about life insurance and what cover will suit you the most.

You can buy your policy online and cover can be available within just 10 minutes of submitting your application form. Once this has been complete you can access your account and view your policy documents at any time. All policies and policyholders are Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protected.

Beagle Street is part of the BGL Group. BGL provide insurance to over 7 million UK customers and they are backed by the security of Scottish Friendly Assurance Society.

In 2016 Beagle Street, backed by Scottish Friendly Assurance Society paid 99.7% of all Life Insurance Claims.

Level Term Life Insurance from Beagle Street

The policy value will remain the same through the lifetime of the policy and will protect your loved ones financially from fixed costs such as lifestyle, debts, loans, an interest only mortgage or funeral costs.

Decreasing Term Life Insurance from Beagle Street

Typically the decreasing term life insurance offers clients cheaper monthly payments as the policy value decreases over time. Often this type of policy is used to protect loved ones from debts that decrease over time such as a repayment mortgage.

Beagle Street provide consumers with an online calculator to help you work out how much cover you need and also provides a clear table confirming the minimum and maximum value of cover they are able to offer you.

Factors that can effect your premiums for life insurance from Beagle Street

Your age, smoking, pre-existing medical conditions and your BMI are all factors that could affect the premium you pay for your life insurance cover. Although your occupation is generally not an issue if you are in the armed forces, non-military aviation, commercial diving, offshore gas or oil, offshore fishing, work at heights above 15 meters or work with explosives, this could be an influencing factor also.

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If you are looking for Life Insurance there are a whole range of policies and providers to choose from and you can either speak to an insurance company directly, a financial adviser or a specialist health insurance broker who will be able to look at your cover options for you. The Medigest Business Directory can help you find a specialist provider in your area.