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With the winter holiday season well underway, where are you going to look for your travel insurance that covers you for Ski and adventure travelling? There are many travel insurance providers in the UK market and can offer you great value for money.



Snowcard are one of the UK’s oldest specialists in both winter ski insurance and activity holiday travel insurance. Offering great flexibility in cover, Snowcard even allow you to select your own sums insured.

What winter sports cover is available?

Snowcard offer cover for most winter sports including the activities shown below. There are different levels of cover available and you would need to ensure that your particular winter sports are covered under the policy that you choose to take out :

  • On Piste and off Piste skiing
  • On Piste and off Piste snowboarding
  • Dog Sledging
  • Ski-bobbing
  • Ski-biking
  • Ski-Mountaineering
  • Snowmobiling
  • Tobogganing

Who underwrites the Snowcard policies?

Snowcard policies are underwritten by Ageas Insurance and for over 25 years Snowcard and Ageas have developed a strong working relationship. They provide their clients with award winning service, 24/7 should they need to make a claim or have a serious accident.

Why Snowcard cover may be better than other, cheaper policies

So what is it about a specialist policy like Snowcard that makes it a better option? It is true that some of their policies cost more than other quotes you find and this is why:

Snowcard policies are underwritten by Ageas Insurance and have been for over 25 years – Ageas has one of the most advanced and specialist claims and assistance services in the UK travel market. Their award winning service is not based on how cheap their policies are or by avoiding paying claims to save money and keeping premiums low, as many insurers do, but rather looking at how clients can be helped, how their claims can be settled quickly and fairly with the minimum of fuss and delay. It is a pro-active attitude and a desire to understand and service the specialist needs of Snowcard clients.

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