Speedy Diagnostics

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AVIVA’s Speedy Diagnostics policy is there to help people get diagnostic tests done quickly by avoiding waiting lengthy waiting lists. Speedy Diagnostics proves to be significantly cheaper than a traditional private medical insurance policy and covers you for all diagnostic tests and consultations that lead to an initial diagnosis of your symptoms.

Policy holders will have prompt access to fee approved consultants with no waiting list and no limit to the cover amount required to reach diagnosis. The policy is renewable on an annual basis.

Speedy Diagnostics from AVIVA offers clients:

  • Prompt access to a diagnosis with a fee approved specialist
  • Cover for diagnostic tests such as MRI scans, x-rays, blood tests and ECG’s
  • Hospital and specialist charges for in and day patient diagnostic tests
  • Access to 24 hour GP and stress counselling helplines* for members aged 16 and over

AVIVA are one of the UK’s largest providers of health insurance and their Speedy Diagnostics policy offers peace of mind for those people who may not be able to afford the full private medical insurance options.

As it is a “diagnostics” policy, consumers who are considering this as an option should remember that Speedy Diagnostics will not offer cover for:

  • Diagnostic tests or consultations outside of a specified network
  • Consultations and tests after diagnosis
  • Routine medical examinations and screening
  • Diagnostic tests ordered by a GP without referral to a specialist
  • Diagnostic tests to find the cause of infertility
  • Diagnostic tests related to sleep disorders
  • Treatment of any kind

If any further treatment is required, clients would either need to transfer back to the NHS or self-fund their private treatment.

Members who have the AVIVA Speedy Diagnostics policy would also be eligible for the AVIVA gym membership discounts.

All information sourced from: http://www.aviva.co.uk/healthcarezone/products/individual-products/speedy-diagnostics/