Travel insurance and pre-existing conditions

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If you are traveling abroad and have pre-existing medical conditions it is essential that you make sure your travel insurance provider is aware and has agreed to offer you cover for illness that may occur whilst you are away from your country of residence.

For some people who have travel insurance as an add on to their private medical insurance there may be no issues at all as many of these are provided on a fit to fly basis. Providing your GP or a health professional has not advised you against travelling, your policy should offer you the cover you need. If you have any doubts about your cover as an add-on, double check with your broker or the insurance company you are insured with.

When you buy your travel insurance whether online or by telephone you will be asked a series of questions and it is in your own interest to ensure that these medical declarations are answered as accurately as possible to avoid an issues if the worst should happen and you need to make a claim. The insurer may not even charge an additional premium to add cover for your pre-existing medical conditions depending on the severity of them and the likelihood that they may result in a claim being made.

If you opt to take an annual policy and your medical situation changes after the policy has been activated, it is always best to confirm the changes to your provider to enable them to amend their records accordingly. This could result in an additional charge being applied.

There are a number of specialist travel insurance providers who offer cover for pre-existing conditions and many people shop around to see what the best options are before deciding on which policy to take.  Many of these specialists provide excellent online guides and information for people wishing to take cover who have pre-existing conditions.

The Medigest business directory provides information relating to travel insurance providers who may be able to help you and provide you with the right solution from the start, if you would like to source a provider who can help you please click on the following link:


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