What is a nursing home?


When it comes to consider the options for moving into a care home for either yourself or for a family member or loved one, for many people this is a daunting decision to make. The question of what type of care home you need to look at can also be a little confusing.

Not everyone needs the same amount of care and therefore private care homes are often split into categories and specialisms.

*So what actually is a Nursing Home?

A nursing home can provide all of the expected every day care that you need and would receive in any care home but in addition to this, the care is supervised by registered nurses who are on duty throughout the night and day.

Anyone suffering with an illness or medical condition and require frequent medical attention would benefit from being in a nursing home where the nursing care is available 24 hours a day. Nursing staff are trained to recognise symptoms and changes in peoples conditions and are therefore in a better position to know when to call a doctor or other health professional.

Nursing homes may also be better equipped when it comes to specialist beds and equipment for handling and moving people and are usually the best choice for people who have severe moving difficulties or are unable to get out of bed.

Some nursing homes will provide specialist care and support for people who have been diagnosed with dementia and who have needs that exceed the care that can be provided in a standard care home.

Every care home has to provide specific details of exactly what level of care they are able to offer and demonstrate how they can meet the care needs of every resident. With this in mind when you are choosing a care home, it may be worth considering what level of care and assistance maybe needed in the future rather than just your current care needs.

*information sourced from https://balcombecarehomes.co.uk/

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