How will the NHS survive the winter crisis?

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In the UK we are lucky to have the NHS service and in comparison to many other countries who have no health services to fall back on, we could be considered to be more fortunate than others. Unfortunately however, the NHS is certainly facing some major issues at the beginning of 2018.





There are a whole host of issues surrounding the problems of the NHS and the affects that the lack of funding brings including:

  • Patient care
  • Hospital resources
  • Lack of available beds
  • Staffing crisis
  • A & E unable to cope with intake of patients

*The Guardian recently reported a worrying quotation from an NHS A & E Consultant:

“I live in fear I’ll miss a seriously ill patient and they will die waiting for a space. We knew this winter was going to be bad but it’s a lot worse than we imagined. Each day is relentless. Most mornings we walk into a full emergency department with more than 20 patients waiting for beds. Most of them have been in there for hours taking up cubicles, so we have no space for new patients. The resus area for critically ill patients is nearly always full.”

Today the news reports that the crisis is getting worse and that the NHS is crying out for funding to ensure it’s survival in its current form. How will the government manage to address the vital and crucial issues that our countries’ NHS is facing?

The views on resolution seem to vary greatly however, until a strategy is implemented, patients in the UK will still be faced with dwindling resources, cancelled non-emergency operations and a lack of available appointments for basic healthcare and dentistry.

*quotation sourced from . Please click on the link for the full article.

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