Winter sports cover on your travel insurance

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With the summer in the UK drawing to a close, perhaps you are now thinking about the prospect of a fabulous winter holiday which may include some winter sports participation. Whether in the slopes of St Moritz or the alluring world class resort of Aspen, standard travel insurance may not offer you the protection you need when it comes to winter sports.

What sort of things are covered with a winter sports add-on?

*All travel insurance policies are different and just looking at the winter sports cover from Insure and Go as an example, they will cover:

  • Bobsleighing • Cat skiing • Cross country skiing • Freestyle skiing • Glacier walking or trekking under 6,000m altitude • Heli-skiing • Ice climbing under 100m (supervised) • Ice fishing • Ice hockey • Lugeing • Mono skiing • Off-piste skiing or snowboarding (unless considered unsafe) • Recreational ski or snowboard racing • Skeletons • Skiing • Ski acrobatics • Ski bob racing • Ski/snowboard fun parks • Ski racing or training (non-professional) • Ski stunting • Ski touring with a guide • Snowboarding • Snowmobiling •Tobogganing*

Although this is a good comprehensive list of cover, there are some winter sports that are classed as hazardous and cover may be unavailable for personal accident and liability if you choose to participate in them. You should check with your provider to make sure what cover you have when it comes to winter sports.

Having cover in place for winter sports will not only cover you in the event of an accident or injury but it should also provide cover for your ski equipment should it get lost or stolen. It is important that you check with your travel insurance provider to see whether they apply any upper age limit when it comes to cover for winter sports.

Some travel insurance companies will also include an element of winter sports cover for free (possibly limited number of days) so again, if you are only going for a single week or fortnight then you may be covered within the core element of your travel insurance policy.

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