Wise Words about Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom teeth are the third and last molars on each side of the jaw and appear both lower and upper. They are the last teeth to appear and this is right at the back of the mouth. Not everyone experiences issues with their wisdom teeth and they can come through without any problems at all.

Adults have the capacity within their mouth to have up to 32 teeth although people often have jaws that are too small for 32 teeth to fit into. If all of the other teeth in the mouth are present and healthy then there may not be enough space left for the wisdom teeth to come through properly.

Wisdom teeth usually appear when you are between the ages of 17 and 25 although they may not appear for years later.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth.

If there is not enough room, the wisdom tooth may try to come through, but will get stuck against the tooth in front of it. The wisdom tooth will be at an angle, and will be described by the dentist as ‘impacted’.

When do impacted wisdom teeth have to be removed?

There are fewer wisdom teeth extracted now than historically. Dentists will not remove a tooth if it is not causing problems and will only remove wisdom teeth:

  • when it is clear that they will not be able to come through into a useful position because there is not enough room, and they are also causing some pain or discomfort
  • if they have only partly come through and are decayed – these teeth will often decay as it will be difficult to clean them as thoroughly as your other teeth
  • if they are painful.

What is the cost to have a wisdom tooth removed?

If you are having an impacted wisdom tooth removed privately the cost of the extraction will depend on the difficulty of the procedure and whether they can be removed in a dental practice or a hospital. The cost of Private dentistry can differ from practice to practice and it is wise to establish the full costs before having the tooth or teeth removed.

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